Learn@ISU New Account Request

Click here to access Learn@ISU.

Before completing the form, please viist www.login.iastate.edu and try to login using your NetID and password. If you are able to login, you have access to Learn@ISU and DO NOT need to complete the form below. If you do not see the Learn@ISU tile on your Okta dashboard, type Learn in the Search box to locate Learn@ISU. If the tile is not on your dashboard, you will need to add it. 

If you have a Net-ID and password but are unable to log into Learn@ISU, please complete this form to create an account. Please allow two business days for account activation. You only need to complete this form once.

Sponsored Net-IDs - if your department/unit has assigned you a sponsored Net-ID (uhr_smith@iastate.edu) you do not need to create a new account with the sponsored Net-ID. All training in Learn@ISU should be completed under your regular Net-ID (smith@iastate.edu). If your department has authorized you to do administrative work in Learn@ISU using a sponsored Net-ID, please contact learnisu@iastate.edu for assistance in getting the sponsored Net-ID setup in Learn@ISU. 

Client Information

All students and employees (ISU and Ames Lab) need to apply for an ISU Net-ID and password if they do not already have one. The password used at log in for Learn@ISU must be the password that goes with the Net-ID.