Learn@ISU Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are designed to provide basic information to assist you in using Learn@ISU.  For additional assistance, click here to check out several short video tutorials on how to navigate within Learn@ISU.

Click here to return to the Learn@ISU main page.

How do I log into Learn@ISU?

  • Access www.learn.iastate.edu and click on the Login button.
    • If you have previously logged in to Okta you will be logged in to Learn@ISU. 
    • If you have not logged in to Okta, you will be directed to the Okta login page, enter your ISU Network ID and password and click Login. Okta may require you to enter a second factor of identification.
  • Your Network-ID or Net-ID is the part of your ISU email address that comes before the “@” symbol. For example: myname@iastate.edu.

I tried logging in with my Net-ID and password, and I was routed to the Request New Account webform. What do I do?

  • Complete the form and click on “Submit." Within one to two business days, you will receive a response that your account has been created. You only need to complete the form once.

I was successful with logging in. I don’t see any courses or catalogs. What do I do now?

  • System updates occur daily at 7:00 am. These updates will place you in the appropriate catalogs.
  • If you need access to a catalog sooner, email solution@iastate.edu or call (515) 294-4000 to request access to a catalog.

How do I take an online course?

  • Log in to Learn@ISU.
  • Click on Course Catalog.
  • Scroll through the alphabetized (by department) Course Catalog.
  • Click the Launch link next to the desired course.

How do I open and close course catalogs?

  • Click on the folder icon next to the title of the catalog.

How do I search for a course?

  • From the homepage “Search Course Catalog”
  • Select the catalog to search and keywords associated with your search.
  • From Course Catalog
    • Type a keyword into the search bar located in the upper-left portion of the screen.
    • Be sure to reset the search keyword after you have found the course you need to take.

What if my online course will not launch or I receive a 404 error?

  • Allow cookies and pop-ups from training.ehs.iastate.edu. Click here to learn more about allowing pop-ups on your web browser.
  • Clear the cache and history from your web browser.

When I launch the course, I hear audio but do not see the course. What do I do?

  • Sometimes the window will launch behind your current browser window. You can minimize your open applications until you find the web browser window displaying the online course.

I received an automated email that my training courses are expiring soon, or have expired and the course is not listed under My Completed Training or it is listed under My Completed Training and does not have a "Launch" link, what do I do?

  • Some courses send email reminders to learners on campus when their training is close to expiring or has expired. To find the training you need to complete, do the following:
    • Click on Course Catalog and find the course in the appropriate catalog
    • Click on Launch to start the course 
  • Please note - if the course is no longer required for your position on campus, you may ignore the email requests. It is suggested you check with your supervisor/leader before ignoring these email requests.

I closed out of the course before completing it and now it says Sign-off when I go to take the course again, what do I do so I can complete the training?

  • Click on the Sign-off link, a pop-up window will open, and you will be asked to either record the training as complete or make the course "in progress" so you can go back to the course and complete the training.
    • To change the course back to "in progress" answer the question "Are you recording the training as finished:" as NO, then click Submit. After completing this step, return to your dashboard in Learn@ISU and the course will be listed under My Current Enrollments.
    • Click on the Launch link to start the course again.

I have completed the course; however, I cannot access the final quiz, what do I do?

  • Under My Current Enrollments, find the course that you need to complete and locate the link under the Action column.
    • If the link says "Sign-Off" click on it, a pop-up window will open, and you will be asked to record the training as complete by answering the question "Are you recording the training as finished:"
      • If you are finished, answer the question as "Yes" then click Submit. After clicking Submit, a new window will open, click on the blue Take Test link to access the quiz. 
      • If you are not finished and would like to review the course, answer the question as "No" then click Submit. Once you have reviewed the course and are ready to take the quiz, answer the question as "Yes" and then click Submit.
    • If the link says Launch, click on the link and exit the course to access the User Sign-Off option.

I have a link that says Take Test and I want to review the course, what do I do?

  • Under My Current Enrollments, find the course with the Take Test link under the Action column.
  • Located next to the Take Test link is a Cancel link - click on this and follow the steps to Cancel the course.
  • After you have cancelled the course:
    • Return to the Learn@ISU homepage
    • Click on Course Catalog and find the course in the appropriate catalog
    • Click on Launch to start the course again

    Where do I find my training history?

    • Click on My Reports under My Menu and choose Transcript of All Training to get a full list of your training history.

    Can I sort my training history?

    • You can sort your training history by any of the column labels, including Course Title, Status, Status Date, and Expiry Date.

    Where do I find my current Enrollments?

    • View My Current Enrollments on My Dashboard. This is the view you see when you first log into the system.
    • Click on My Enrollments under My Menu

    Why can’t I view my certificate?

    • Not all courses do not provide participants with a certificate.
    • If your status is “In Progress,” you will not receive a certificate.
    • Make sure to complete the course and your status is “Finished – Pass.”

    How do I view my certificate?

    • Click on My Reports under My Menu, choose Transcript of Completed Training.
    • The Certificate column is located on the far-right portion of the screen.
    • Use the Print link to print a copy of your certificate.
    • Use the Email link to send a digital copy to your email.

    My completion status will not update when I successfully finish an online course.

    • There may be a compatibility issue with the web browser you are using. Verify the web browser you are using: Recommended web browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer may not work with older courses.
    • You may have timed out of Learn@ISU while completing your online course. Avoid this by periodically selecting an option such as Home or Course Catalog within Learn@ISU while you are working on the coursework. If the system times out while you are completing an online course, log in again before clicking “Finish” at the end of the online course.
    • Periodically, a completion status will get stuck in “In Progress." Contact the department managing the course to request an update in completion status.